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Join A League

Axhibition League

2 Person Team

$125 per player
  • When:  Thursdays starting January 4th 6pm-8:30pm 
  • Length: 7 weeks, including playoffs
  • Additional Perks: Each member in the league will gain membership to West Shore Brewing’s Mug Club.
  • Scoring: Each week, your team will play four matches. Each match will consist of each team throwing 10 times (5 per player on each team), totaling up points to determine the winner. The 5th and final throw for each player on a team can be used to call the kill shot.
  • Standings: Each week, we will send out the current standings: total team point leader and win/loss record. In addition will list a ranking of all players total individual points.
  • Playoffs: Top ten teams (based on total points) will make playoffs that will take place week 6. Playoff seeding will be based upon final season points total. Playoff matches will be elimination matches, with the championship round format consisting of best out of 5 matches. Each match will consist of 10 throws (5 by each teammate.) Players will switch targets after each match. The last throw in each match can be used to call the kill shot.

Winners will receive a trophy and a free booking for up to 12 people!